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Shana911 model - few naughty questions

Shana911 model - few naughty questions- While on your webcam, what is the wildest request you have ever had? - The weirdest thing that I have been asked to do is the SNOOPY DANCE. Yes, you’re thinking the correct Snoopy! I both like and dislike the dance. I’ll explain it so you can understand a little better. When I have “snoopy dance” into my room topic I get nearly nude on cam and turn on the Peanuts theme song. It’s 3-4 minutes of me dancing and mimicking the movements Snoopy makes when he does his dance. It’s certainly a crowd pleaser. The other weird thing I’ve done is broke my anal cherry (not my anal virginity) by using a lightsaber. Since I only have two hands I started using my feet to get myself off. I did this to make sure I had my hands free to use a vibrator while screwing myself with an awkwardly long object. - Where is the craziest place that you’ve done a webcam show? - Right now I broadcast from a desktop computer so there really isn’t a crazy place. I would love to get a tablet and change all...Read more >

Masturbation month record

Masturbation month recordWould you ever had a fantasy about making a woman have multiple orgasms? You don’t need to look further than The naughty webcam chat girls on our site are feeling exactly like that - very very horny. And because is the International Live Masturbation leader, they are looking for the man who is going to make them cum the most times. The goal for this month is to cum on cam 69 000 times! Come check these NSFW hotties on their Streamdolls profiles every once in awhile, where they will be keeping a leaderboard of the most talented men. At the end of the month the luckiest and gifted guy make them cum the most might win a pair of honey panties. Oh Damn, the possibilities… ;) Read more >

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